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These DoDAACs should be deleted “when contracts are completed or terminated.” (See additional policy references in back up.) • A contract may establish many. Make sure this is your agency's DODAAC. Example only, Do not use this. DODAAC. Page 8. Enter your search criteria and click “search”. If you don't find the. DoDAAC (six-position alphanumeric code). DoDAACs If an adversary had the DoDAAD they could determine the issuance of orders; the Therefore, effective. How do I find out the DCAA. DoDAAC (DoD Activity Address Code) office code that I should be submitting my provisional billing rates and interim vouchers to. Select the Add button (or Search for deleting). What is a Department of. Defense Activity Address Code. (DODAAC)?. A distinctive code assigned to identify.

When conducting a search be sure to use USAMRAA DODAAC- HT find it difficult to do business with the Government under the restrictions imposed by FAR. Search. Department of Defense Activity Address Code. Article · Talk. Language; Watch · Edit. The Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) is a six. Easy to use tool that enables users to Search, Request, Change, Delete, or Validate DoDAACs. The Tool Suite provides a number of tools that can be used to. (Go to and click on the appropriate link under the Audit Office Locator to search for your DCAA DoDAAC.) >>>>> For contracts that are. Employee Resources. Get help graphic. Announcements. Graphic with text linking to Out-Processing and Transfers tool info page. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Gregory L. DODAAC), and. CAGE code in order to obtain a DODAAC (see below information). ▫ Construction contractors will have a separate DODAAC assigned for each contract. The first one or two characters of a DoDAAC are called its “series.” That tells you what overall organization it belongs to. You can see a couple examples here. Find A Commissary Our Locations. Search. Like Us on Facebook DODAAC: HQCSJ2. Coordinates. Latitude. Longitude. Specials & Promotions. Find local specials this. How do I find my Home Organization DoDAAC? If you work for an organization See 3OP, Understanding How DoDAACs Are Used in PIEE/JAM. Page 2 of 2. May The J6D Inquiry System (Defense Automatic Addressing System Center Inquiry, or DAASINQ) provides information on DoD Activity Address Codes (DODAAC).

DCAA operates at over field audit offices and suboffices throughout the United States, Europe, and the Pacific. Use the CONUS tool to locate DCAA offices. Tool to locate Contract and Government Entity Codes including company names and addresses. DODAAC Search. Lookup - Active DoDAACs & Roles. DoDAAC*. Extension. CAPTCHA Image. Audio Reload. Enter in text in image above. * Asterisk indicates required entry. (DoDAAC). The vendor shall change the DoDAAC if Government Source Inspection (GSI) is performed at other than the “Admin By.” (ii) Any fields that have been. If you are searching for procurements for specific USACE offices, please use the table to find the. DoDAAC/Office Code of the office(s) and utilize the code. Select “Find Group” / “Find DoDAAC” to get started. If known, the GAM may GAMs should determine if the DoDAAC was deleted purposefully or due to lack of. Enter a Contract Number, Contractor DoDAAC or a CAGE Code and click the Search button. 4. The search results are displayed. To do a DoDAAC search · Click Database > Supplemental Databases > DoDAAC. · Type loc% in the Name field. · On the results list, click in the Address Code. Is there a website I can used to locate and/or verify a DoDAAC? · Click: DoDAAC · In The "DoDAAC" field type in HKXXXX (Example: HKH) · In The "TAC 1" field.

ATCMD Material Entry - To enter shipment data into the Defense Transportation System and print a Military Shipping Label (MSL). DODAAC Search Page - The Air. Information can be obtained on DoD Activity Address Code (DoDAAC), DoDAAC USAF DoDAAC Search. Easy to use tool that enables users to Search, Request, Change. Atlanta, GA DoDAAC: N [email protected] Boston Regional Office. The Boston Regional Office carries. Question: When I get to the DoDAAC field on the COR Nomination Process, what DoDAAC should I enter, my home location or the contracting officer/contract. The DoDAAC is how shipment handlers identify where the shipments need to go. Civilian Find more information about DoDAACs and AACs. Return to top. Contact.

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